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Some Nice Things Students Have Said

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"Rick was quite sensitive to student-specific needs and has a healthy understanding of the time that the students have to prepare themselves for working with EJBs."

"Understanding the model of the J2EE architecture and how EJB really works, I now have a much better understanding of Enterprise Java."

"Make the (5-day) course longer by 3 or 4 days."

"With so many technologies being developed, it was nice to talk to Rick who seems to have a very good understanding of these technologies and where they are headed, so that I can get them all straight in my mind."

"Instructor was one of the best I had."

"Complex topics explained very well and re-enforced several times."

"Rick was supportive and worked to re-enforce concepts."

"This was a great way to extend me beyond normal learning limits."

"Great class Rick.  Hope to take another one from you."

"The handouts were really useful."


"Was able to learn a lot about C++ concepts and syntax."

"The instructor did an excellent job of reviewing the material and making sure that the students understood; if not, he was ready to answer questions."

"Instructor was very good at bringing people up to speed."


"Rick knows his stuff...Gave us some valuable information to take back to the office."

"His handling of object-oriented aspects is commendable."


"Excellent instruction - very helpful when asked questions - did not belittle me or give evasive answers. Answers were very specific and accurate."

"Rick was extremely patient.  He did a great job making sure everyone in the class participated.  He slowed down in more difficult topics and sped up on easier ones, but only if everyone showed understanding. He had excellent delivery skills."

"Good class.  Clear explanation of material.  Knowledgeable instructor.  Flexible match to student level and experience."

"An excellent class with an excellent instructor."

"Books!?! What is this? This is fantastic - an actual resource that I can take with me and actually use and make me more productive.  Rick is very knowledgeable and helpful.  He stayed late each night, allowed us to stay and have a resource to confer with.  His assistance and knowledge on our version of Perl was very helpful.  Overall Rick is very personable and I would highly recommend him as an instructor of choice for our company"

Software Testing:

"Gave me re-affirmation of my (28 yrs of) knowledge of software testing. Discussed quality assurance - its processes and techniques and provided me information on books, websites, etc. Class could be longer."

"Class experience was excellent. I learned that I have quite a bit of work to complete in software testing."

"Appreciated not being confined just to the student guide. The round table discussion was great! Bringing in books and walking through websites was tremendously beneficial. These references will help to support the concepts in the class. This class will also definitely help my role as a software tester."